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Utility Companies & Transfer Info

TELEPHONE – Verizon  800-427-9977

ELECTRICITY – PSE&G  800-436-7734 

WATER – Elizabethtown Water / NJ American Water Company 800-272-1325 

GAS - Elizabethtown Gas Co.  800-242-5830

OIL - Petro  800-645-4328 

CABLE & INTERNET- Comcast Cablevision 973-736-7400

Verizon Fios at
- Utilities should be read for final adjustment, just prior to closing of title.

The reading of inside meters should be arranged for at a time when the owner is home to let the meter readers into the property. 

Another method of having inside meters read when the owner cannot be home is to give the Neighbor/Family Member a key. 

3rd Party Representative are not allowed to make arrangements for service transfers, only the home owner directly.


When arranging for final meter reading, be sure to tell the service person you talk to that you DO NOT WANT THE SERVICE SHUT OFF, but simply READ AND PUT IN THE NEW OWNER’S NAME... 
For obvious reasons there should be some coordination between seller and buyer for these arrangements...


Union Township Water Company  

Union Township Electric and Gas

Union Township Telephone Internet Service - Verizon

Union Township Frequently Ask Questions




Union County -What to do with Leftover Paint?


1. REDUCE: Buy only the Paint You Need. That way, you reduce the chance of having any paint leftover in the first place. 

2. STORE Paint So It Lasts for Years: Just cover the opening with plastic wrap and replace the lid. Then, store the paint can UPSIDE DOWN! 

3. REUSE: Use Up All Your Paint. Now that you know how to keep your leftover paint fresh for years, don't forget about it. Use it up! 

4. RECYCLE the Empty Paint Can: Once you have used up your paint, find out if your municipality recycles empty steel cans by contacting your local municipal recycling coordinator. If your municipality does not recycle empty steel cans, the cans can be disposed of in your normal household trash after the paint has dried. 

5. As a Last Resort…Dispose of Paint Properly: Latex paint is not accepted at Household Special Waste Days. If the latex paint has already solidified in a closed can you can dispose of it in your normal trash. If the paint is still a liquid you will need to dry the paint. 

One method to quicken the drying is to add an absorbent material such as speedy dry, cat litter or shredded newspaper. Once the latex paint has dried it is safe to dispose of in your normal trash. 

Leftover oil based paint should be disposed of at a Household Special Waste Disposal Day. These events, which are sponsored by Union County, are held several times a year.



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